Who We Are

Rich Gittens, owner and President of Rich Gittens & Associates, has more than 25 years experience training and conducting successful workshops and seminars, the most recent six of which, after extensive one-on-one training with a well-known medical communications consultancy, were spent exclusively in the area of psychology-based persuasive interpersonal communications training.

Having consulted in the United States, Canada, and Europe, Rich has trained: 

               senior-level private sector executives,

               public sector administrators,


               medical practitioners,

               pharmaceutical sales and marketing personnel,

               financial professionals,

               and sports celebrities (for product endorsement)

in the rapid establishment of credibility and creation of rapport, the structuring of easily remembered, audience-relevant messages, managing the so-called "fear of public speaking" and in how to communicate persuasively in conversation and in small and large group environments as well as with the public, the press, and decision makers both within and outside of their own organizations.


Rich is supremely qualified to coach professionals of widely varied disciplines to a “second-nature proficiency” in all aspects of communicating persuasively.  We CAN make you more persuasive ... period!

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