Opportunities for Insurance Professionals

High net worth individuals, largely unaffected by the current economic climate, are often looking for ways to gift assets to hospitals, to their churches, to their universities, etc. without gifting current assets.  Many are looking for ways to reduce their taxable estates while at the same time creating wealth for their heirs.  Life insurance provides the perfect vehicle to accomplish these goals.

Baby boomers, some 80 million people, that have planned well during their working years, have, in spite of an ailing economy, already begun to retire. In addition to needing to replace company-provided group life insurance, many are looking for someplace safe to put their rollover funds.  Life insurance and annuities are the perfect vehicles to accomplish these goals.

Twenty- and thirty-somethings, realizing that they have to prepare for their own retirements and are afraid of speculative investments, may not know what’s available to them.  Annuities are!

Young marrieds and new parents may not realize that they have to take steps to financially protect their families or may not know where to start.  You, as a life insurance professional, do. These people represent a huge and growing market that has, in many cases, unrealized needs.  Alternatively, they may realize their needs and just not know where or how to start meeting them. You, as a life insurance professional, can fill these needs with any number of life insurance and/or annuity products. But how do you reach them and what is the most efficient way to tell these individuals that you can help?


Because in a seminar you can talk to twenty couples at a time rather than just one!

But you must proceed carefully because the best, most well conceived and produced seminar, if it is not presented well, will likely be a complete and a very expensive flop and important opportunities will be missed. If you as the presenter do not very quickly establish credibility and create rapport, your audience will not be persuaded to use you.

How many of your people understand the psychology of establishing credibility and creating rapport? How many of them understand the value of non-verbal communication?  How many of them understand these things as they relate to persuasion? More importantly, how many of them understand how to intentionally use these things to their advantage?

Arrange for a Rich Gittens Associates The Art and Science of Persuasion workshop where they will not only learn the value of body-language, voice dynamics, eye contact, facial expression, hand gestures, posture, social attractiveness, and message development and delivery – they will learn how to use these things to become more persuasive! They will have fun, learn, practice, present on video, evaluate, and practice some more. And you can rest very assured that by the end of the workshop they WILL be better, more profitable persuaders. 

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