Opportunities for Investment Professionals

Baby boomers - those people born between 1946 and 1964 – have already begun to retire … and they’re bringing with them literally hundreds of billions of dollars in rollover funds. While it’s true that the economy is forcing many of the 80 million or so boomers out there to keep working, many have planned well and are ready, in spite of the economy, to start living the life that they’ve planned for themselves.

This fact, when coupled with the fact that many of your fellow financial professionals have left the business in recent years, creates a huge “new” market – and a huge opportunity — for those financial professionals that are still in the business.

And what is the most efficient and effective way to persuade this huge "new" market that you’re the only game in town?


Because in a seminar you can talk to twenty couples at a time rather than just one.

But beware!  The best, most well conceived and produced seminar, if it is not presented well, will likely be a complete and a very expensive flop.  If you - the presenter - do not very quickly establish credibility and create rapport, your audience will not be persuaded to use you.

How many of your people understand the psychology of establishing credibility and creating rapport? How many of them understand the value of non-verbal communication?  How many of them understand these things as they relate to persuasion? More importantly, how many of them understand how to intentionally use these things to their advantage?

Arrange for a Rich Gittens Associates The Art and Science of Persuasion workshop where they will not only learn the value of body-language, voice dynamics, eye contact, facial expression, hand gestures, posture, social attractiveness, and message development and delivery – they will learn how to use these things to become more persuasive! They will have fun, learn, practice, present on video, evaluate, and practice some more. And you can rest very assured that by the end of the workshop they WILL be better, more profitable persuaders. 

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