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Too many people that "sell" for a living don't understand how important persuasive interpersonal communications (IC) training is to their professional success.  No attention is paid to establishing credibility. And creating rapport, if its thought of at all, is something that they hope will magically happen.  This is true across the entire spectrum of human professional communication from one-on-one interactions to media appearances before millions of people. 


Those of us who communicate with others ... at any level ... already use IC skills.  We just don't use very good ones.  The result is that prospects are not persuaded to become customers, clients, or constituents.

When your professional success is on the line, knowing your stuff is simply not enough.  Heck, most of your competition knows their stuff.  People do business with people that they like ... and if you haven't consciously and intentionally established credibility and developed rapport, your attempts to convert "shoppers" to "buyers" WILL FAIL. 


The problem, simply stated, is:

Without Credibility/Rapport There is No Persuasion

Without Persuasion There is No "Sale"


Before learning what to say, learn how to say it.  What you communicate about yourself with your "body-language," your eye contact and facial expression, your hand gestures, your posture, and your social attractiveness makes an impression at a far deeper level than your words alone.  And those impressions can make or break a successful communication EVEN BEFORE YOU UTTER A WORD.

Regardless of what’s happening in the economy, you CAN make yourself and your organization more successful. Arrange for a Rich Gittens & Associates The Art and Science of Persuasion workshopYou can rest very assured ... you will be far more persuasive communicators at the end of it than you were at the beginning.

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