Small Business People and Network Marketers

The growth and success of your business is completely dependent upon your ability to make a persuasive presentation … period! 

If you can’t persuade your prospects to purchase your product(s) or to join with you in growing your business - YOUR BUSINESS WILL FAIL!  (And if you think that you can simply put up a web page and wait, think again).

The growth and success of your business is completely dependent upon you and your business partners' ability to make a persuasive presentation.  If you’re serious about growing a successful business you MUST attend a Rich Gittens and Associates The Art and Science of Persuasion workshop.  In the Workshop's general session you will learn:

  • Why 93% of what you communicate to others, you communicate without words
  • How your “body language” affects others
  • Why your eyes might contradict your words
  • How to use the fear of public speaking to your advantage
  • Why too much information causes indecision
  • How to develop short, compelling, easy-to-remember, audience-relevant messages
  • How to establish, enhance and maintain credibility
  • Why you cannot succeed without rapport and how to quickly develop it

In the Workshop's Experiential Breakout session you will practice, practice, practice ... and you will get better.

You can rest very assured that by the end of the Workshop you WILL be a far more persuasive communicator than you were at the beginning.

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