The Workshop

The General Session

The Art and Science of Persuasion Workshop will begin to move you towards a "second-nature proficiency" in persuasive I.C.  Through the use of interactive lecture, PowerPoint and video presentation the General Session explores the following principles and provides strategies for their effective utilization:

  • non-verbal communication
  • voice dynamics
  • eye contact
  • facial expression
  • hand and head gestures
  • posture and movement
  • social attractiveness
  • first impression
  • credibility and rapport and their impact on persuasion
  • message development, delivery and retention
  • managing and using the fear of public speaking

At the end of the General Session you will have the tools necessary to begin to move towards a "second-nature proficiency" in presuasive I.C. and you will be prepared for ...

The Experiential Breakout Session

This open-ended Breakout Session is designed for you to begin to implement what was covered in the General Session.  In a safe, non-threatening, small-group environment (maximum 15 participants), you will make a short presentation, have your presentation recorded, evaluated, and critiqued, and present again ... and if necessary, again ... and you will get better!

Ongoing Follow-up

Learning new skills is like planting a beautiful flower; if you do not nurture it, it will wither and die.  To nurture your new skills we hold monthly "rap sessions" where you can meet with other Workshop "graduates" to share, discuss and question real-world experiences.  These follow-up "rap sessions," held at the Town Point Club in Norfolk, Va., will be invaluable in developing your "second-nature proficiency."

Where communicating persuasively is concerned, there are no secrets, there are no tricks, and there is no magic. There is only knowledge and understanding ... and we will provide both.  You can rest very assured that by the end of our Workshop you will be a far more persuasive communicator than you were at the beginning.

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